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Cubicle operators at control panels of calutrons at Y-12.
Gladys Owens is seated at right front closest to camera.
The man standing in the back is Connie Bolling, supervisor.

The Y-12 electromagnetic separation plant was a Manhattan Project…

During the first years of the Manhattan Project, coal from the nearby Cumberland Plateau was the only fuel used for heat. A coal-burning steam plant in Oak Ridge piped steam for heating through miles of overhead pipe to most public…

Members of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) Detachment
constituted a specialized group of chief clerks, stenographers, telephone operators, clerks general, and cryptographic
technicians. Thus, WAC members were primarily assigned the task of handling…

News of the Manhattan Project and of Oak Ridge’s role in that poject became headline news on August 7, 1945. The city that had been secret for almost three years was now known to all the world and would soon become a symbol for a new age. In this…
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