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Kunisada began his apprenticeship around 1800 under the master Toyokuni (1769 - 1825) and became one of his chief pupils. the Utagawa school specialized in actor prints. Kunisada is also known as Toyokuni III. During his life, he has had a few…

The kabuki actor Ichikawa Danjuro VIII in red makeup as Matsugae Sekinosuke holding a knife in front of a lakeside samurai pavilion. Poem inscribed above.

A six-panel composition, each of which depicts an actor and a flower. The name rokkasen (containing the Chinese character for 'Flower') points to the "Six Best waka Poets" of the 9th century (= 'rokkasen'; the word contains the Chinese character for…

“The Beginning or the End,” a docudrama about the development of the first atomic bombs, was a big attraction at the Grove Theater in Oak Ridge in March 1947.

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