AAA 2019 Monoprints


AAA 2019 Monoprints


American Abstract Artists




archival inkjet print
9.75 x 12.75




Since its first exhibition in 1937, American Abstract Artists has used printmaking as a platform to both introduce and document the work of its members and to expand the vocabulary of abstraction to an ever-increasing audience. This print portfolio tradition began with the celebration of the organization’s first anniversary and was followed decades later by marking AAA’s fiftieth, sixtieth and seventy-fifth anniversaries. With the advent of digital technology, AAA decided to break with tradition and print new portfolios digitally, a meaningful shift as the three previous portfolio editions were printed by lithography, a classic printmaking process. Designing and printing digital prints mirrors changes in the visual world, one result of perpetual technological achievements. In 2019, partly as an addendum to the 2012 portfolio exhibition, for exhibition purposes, and as an opportunity to showcase the work of recent AAA members (as well as earlier members who did not participate in the 2012 portfolio), American Abstract Artists published the 2019 Monoprint Portfolio. It is made up of twenty-five prints, one per artist, sized at 9.75 x 12.75 inches, horizontally, or 12.75 x 9.75, vertically.

Printed by Mark Savoia at Still River Editions in Danbury Connecticut.


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